Luminous Apartments | Location
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Natural beauty in Melbourne's heartland


Cut and Polished

Luminous is a jewel-box of exclusive apartments in the bayside suburb of Bentleigh, just minutes’ drive from the pristine beaches of Port Philip Bay. Its stand-out features are stunning contemporary architecture, high-quality interior finishes, and proximity to a rich and convenient bayside lifestyle.


Everything under the sun

Along with suburban shopping convenience and superb transport access to the city for work and study, Luminous grants you access to a wealth of opportunities for outdoor recreation and healthy living. Australia’s world-renowned beaches are just fifteen minutes away by car, and the area is studded with recreation reserves and pocket parks.


Melbourne is famous around the world for its unparalleled quality of life, and is often ranked as the world’s most livable city.

It’s also one of the world’s great hubs for local and international education, with several top-ranked universities and a wealth of research facilities. The hidden gem at the heart of Luminous is that it’s “in the Zone” for some of the state’s most prestigious and sought-after public schools. A whole family can benefit from living in this superb location. But you don’t have to have kids to appreciate the advantages, which will make these residences an excellent investment for years to come.